Colloidal Silver, zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium, chromium, what are these minerals and trace minerals?

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Colloidal trace minerals are more popular now than ever before. People are looking for new ways to improve their health, and they are turning to alternative remedies rather than pharmaceutical drugs more and more.

As such, there have been countless studies performed on the therapeutic benefits of various colloidal minerals. Much of this research presents strong evidence that taking liquid colloidal mineral supplements conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle can be beneficial.

As a class of nutrients, minerals have three major roles in the body:

-They provide structural materials for the bones and other connective tissues

-They allow electrical impulses to move along the nerves

-They act as catalysts or support the role of enzymes in physiological processes, such as replication of DNA or manufacture of proteins.

Minerals are categorized as major – (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, and sulfur), and trace minerals (iron, iodine, zinc, chromium, selenium, fluoride, molybdenum, copper, and manganese), the former needed in quantities of 100mg/day or more, and the latter required in much smaller, or “trace,” amounts.

Why a healthy diet isn’t the answer anymore?

Most soils in the US have been strip-mined for more than 100 years. They no longer contain the minerals your body needs, nor do commercial fertilizers. As a result, many Americans suffer mineral deficient diseases.

Scientists theorize that mineral deficiency subjects us to more diseases, aging, sickness and destruction of our physical well-being than any other factor in personal health. Around 60 known aliments are directly linked to mineral deficiency such as “diseases of civilisation” – heart disease (magnesium), cancer (selenium), diabetes (chromium) and mental illnesses (zinc).

Studies By Dr Linus Pauling, twice noble prize winner, said “you can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Learn more about Mineral Depletion of Soils.

How are liquid minerals better than pill or capsule form?

The criteria for proper utilization and absorption of all minerals and vitamins depends on their size and absorbability, also calledbioavailability. No matter what the body ingests, it has to “liquefy” it in order to accept it. The problem with most typical pill and capsule supplements is that they usually have been processed with great pressure, heat, paraffin coatings, and fillers. This “complex” nutrient form is very difficult for the body to break down since it is not in the desired form for the body. Even if a compound contains a mineral substance, it does not mean that it can be used. For example, rust is not a bioavailable source of iron.

Body absorption of the desired elemental mineral from pills and capsules is often less than 10%/, with cell assimilation being almost incalculable.

In addition, pills and capsules require significant digestion before any type of effective absorption can take place. Due to consumption of foods heavily loaded with preservatives, drinking highly acidic beverages such as soda and coffee, exposure to environmental toxins, as well as the normal aging process, the digestive capacity of most individuals is significantly compromised.

For that reason, mineral supplements provided in pill/capsule/tablet form provide fractional benefits to the body at best due to their challenges with both absorption and assimilation in the body.

FACT: As stated in the Journal of Chiropractic Economics (March 1998),250,000 pounds of undigested mineral and vitamin tablets and pills are pulled out of the city sewage filters every 6 weeks in Seattle, WA.

Most mineral supplements today come in one of four forms: Mineral Salts, Chelates, Ionic Minerals, or Colloidal Minerals.

Choosing Liquid Trace Minerals Wisely

If you are looking to buy trace mineral supplements then this Colloidal Quality Guide explains in details how to get the best results for your money.

Popular Colloidal Mineral Supplements:

Colloidal Silver is a powerfully effective all natural antibiotic, disinfectant, and germ fighter: it kills bacteria, fungus, and viral infections.

Zinc is essential for the maintenance of immune system strength and gland health.

Calcium is required for muscle contraction, blood vessel expansion and contraction, secretion of hormones and enzymes, and transmitting impulses throughout the nervous system

Chromium is a trace mineral essential for the proper metabolism of cholesterol and glucose (blood sugar), as well as insulin production and regulation.

Vanadium plays a role in cellular metabolism, the formation of bones and teeth, reproduction, and growth. It also inhibits cholesterol synthesis.Vanadium may help maintain healthy glucose and lipid metabolism.

Copper is heavily involved in the production of hemoglobin. It is also involved in the production of collagen, the protein responsible for the integrity of bone, cartilage, skin and tendon, and elastin, a major component of large blood vessels.

Gold is thought to have a chelation effect on free radicals and has been used to promote sleep and ease pain.

Magnesium is essential for every major biological process. It is necessary for 300+ enzymatic reactions and is vital for calcium metabolism.

Iron is a necessary mineral that the body uses for production of red blood cells.

Liquid Zeolite is a natural fast-acting super detoxifier.

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