Cancer must be stopped. Because Cancer hates and has no cure.

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A sad but true story;

One day my boss didn’t show up at work, I was told the next day that she attended her grandson’s funeral.

“How horrible.” I thought.

Apparently he had lost his battle with cancer.

I also heard that his mother was head of Oncology at the largest hospital in my home town.

That is when my mood changed from feeling sad to feeling furious.

If the head of Oncology could not save her own son dying from cancer then what hope do we have.

Where are the answers when it comes to cancer?

Why should I put my trust in someone to cure me when they cannot even cure themselves or their loved ones.

And I’m talking about cancer here people; they don’t have a cure for it…

So the best that they can do is inject toxic chemicals into your body to fight the cancer; try and burn it out or cut it out of you. These are the most advanced ways in which they can help you.

Awesome, where do I sign up?


It is no wonder that research shows 3 out of 4 doctors/physicians would refuse chemotherapy for themselves if they had cancer.

Of course they’de refuse it, most of them are smart. Are you smart?


So where are the REAL treatments and cures for cancer?


Absolutely everywhere.

If the internet has done one good thing it has been making life-saving information available to everyone.

All you need to do is become an avid researcher. And if your life depends on it then why the hell not.

Since studies show that most of us will die from heart disease or cancer then our lives really do depend on it.

I am an information and research junkie and I have seen the cancer cures, seen the science behind them and have no doubt that once a person understands what cancer actually is they can heal themselves.


Purposeful lies and misinformation about cancer

Cancer just pops up out of nowhere and attacks healthy organs?

Have you heard of pleomorphism? Don’t be ashamed many people haven’t. Apparently my spell-checker hasn’t heard of pleomorphism.

The idea of Pleomorphism is about 200 years old.

There are tiny creatures living inside all plant and animal cells;

Royal Rife called them Somatids,

Prof. Antoine Bechamp called them Microzimas,

Obviously these tiny creatures live in all fluids and organs of the body. When the body’s “terrain” is adequate they act as beneficial building blocks for a healthy body. Healthy means when the body has proper nutrition, no toxins, has sleep and no stress.

But when the environment of the body is impaired by; mental stress, lack of sleep, malnutrition, toxic chemicals, etc. Given sufficient time and a continued impaired environment, these creatures become pathogens popping up spontaneously in the body. Because acccording to pleomorphism bacteria, funguses and viruses must encounter supportive terrain in our body in order to thrive.

Proving that exposure to external pathogens is not necessary to create disease. Our own unhealthy treatment of our bodies is sufficient to self-create disease.

Here we are talking about all disease not just cancer. All disease starts at the cellular level.

But cancer is genetic? 

Not true.

Acidity and low oxygenation cause normal cells to become abnormal cells in order to survive.

You can thank  Keiichi Morishita for this information.

Your blood must remain slightly alkaline and when it starts to become acidic your body will deposit these acidic substances (toxins) into your cells to keep your blood alkaline. These more acidic cells naturally have a decrease in oxygen levels which harms their DNA and respiratory enzymes.

Some of these cells become even more acidic, die and become acids themselves. The others become more acidic but in order to survive in the acidic environment the must become abnormal cells also known as malignant cells.

Malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer. They don’t respond to brain function nor communicate with our own DNA.

When scientists see that the DNA in cancer patients is different they assume that it is people with certain genes that are inherently prone to cancer. But it is the acidic cells that become abnormal/malignant cells that grow and continue to harm their DNA which destroys and changes genes.

The genes are harmed due to cancer; cancer is not inevitable because of certain genes.

More information on Cancer

Of course there is so much more information on cancer, it’s treatment and cures. If you read and watch everything you can you will see that what I wrote above sums up in basic terms;

1. What cancer is.

2. How it can be prevented and treated.

For more do google searches for;

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Keiichi Morishita

Royal Rife

Prof. Antoine Bechamp

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