Get ready to leave the “Dark Ages” of Science behind


As you read these words they are forming pictures on your retina at the back of your eye; and these pictures are sent to your brain as electrical signals.

You sip your coffee.

The taste receptor cells on your taste buds send information about the type and amount of substance you are tasting to your brain as electrical signals.

Uh Oh! Too much coffee!

Your bladder is full and sends an electrical signal to your brain which in turn sends an electrical signal back to your body letting you know it’s that time again.

There is absolutely no doubt that our bodies run on electricity.

And sometimes when our bodies just seem to give up and all other options have been exhausted; doctors feel it necessary to shock us back to life with electricity.


let’s zoom in a lot closer

Everything that exists is made up of atoms. Atoms consist of a nucleus containing protons/neutrons with rapidly orbiting electrons. (the amount of protons/neutrons and electrons that compose the atom depends on what substance the atom comes from).

The proton in the nucleus of an atom is positively charged, the neutron is neutral (has no charge) and the electron or electrons are negatively charged.

Both protons, neutrons and electrons spin. The proton and electron are attracted to each other. it is magnetism caused by electric fields that hold atoms together. Moving electrons are electricity.

There is absolutely no doubt that atoms run on electricity.


Let’s zoom in even closer

The nucleus and surrounding area of an atom is made up of quarks and gluons, and guess what; these spin too due to magnetic fields.

Electricity lives here too.

Now lets zoom out, way out to the galactic level.

We all know our moon orbits the earth.


We also know that our earth orbits our sun.


You may or may not know that our entire solar system orbits the centre of the milky way galaxy. (which is home to no less than 100 – 400 Billion Stars and at least as many planets) all of which are also in orbit.


And Galaxies orbit galaxies.


My point is this;

If we can agree that electricity rules our scale of life (our bodies) and rules the atomic and sub-atomic world, then why not cut the crap about gravity being the strongest force in the universe.

When logically and properly scientifically looked at there is no doubt that the universe is also electric. Why don’t we teach this in school.

Why don’t we teach that all moving plasmas produce their own magnetic field and electric currents; and that 99.999% of the visible universe is a plasma. That’s right space isn’t the empty “space” that we are taught it is.

The Electric Universe

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