Welcome to my new Blog

Just when I thought I could drag myself away from the blogging world, the power to share and raise awareness has dragged me back in.

I became a little disillusioned when my last blog was mysteriously losing articles, so this time I decided that If I come back I wont be talking about specific topics that have got me into trouble in the past.

just be aware guys that there are a few things you cannot discuss anywhere on the net. And when my articles disappeared all it did was confirm my writings to be true.

Anyway enough about me.

Let’s talk more about you and how you live your life.

  1. Are you the type of person that is content with what they know and has unshakable convictions no matter who comes at you with what information?
  2. or are you the open-minded yet super-rational person who will consider alternate views so long as the evidence is brought forth for examination?

I sure hope you’re the second type of person because life does get rather frustrating when lived within a shell.

My intention of this blog is to inform you of things and let you decide whether they are fact or crap.

I’m so tired of people coming to me with scientific publications and web articles about certain things that I totally think are crap. Then when I say they are crap I’m forced to give evidence.

I say no more.

Here is what I’m going to do;

Post articles I believe to be facts, then whosoever disagrees, they can show evidence why my articles are incorrect.

Why should I do all the work. I do enough researching of topics before I post anything so If you have a disagreement, you show me the evidence and let the people decide for themselves what is fact and what is crap.